CPAP-py Happy

I know my friends want to hear this. I am happy to say that after over a month on CPAP I’m starting to feel like I think I should…if that makes sense. I was beginning to wonder if it was going to work at all. I mean, I have been dragging myself through life for so long I literally don’t know what normal feels like. I am cautiously optimistic.
I am even experiencing less pain. My problems started more than 30 years ago when I weighed only 138lbs and walked 40 miles a week…I was really fit and did not snore. I was blacking out while driving first thing in the morning. I still don’t snore like you would think someone would who was literally blacking out in the middle of the day. I just stop breathing. Ninety-two point 5 times per hour or once every 38.91 seconds I stopped breathing. Not only was I deprived of oxygen, but I left the point I was at in the sleep cycle, and had to start over again. This means I got none of the deep rest and repair we all need to function. It was affecting every area of my life.
I hate wearing this mask all night but I am sleeping 8-10 hours now with few issues. You get used to it. It’s better than walking into walls and falling in the middle of the street. I have hurt myself so many times we suspected things like Multiple Sclerosis. I became stuck in a recliner for the last 5 years. It feels really weird to get out of that chair and not have the urge to sit back down immediately. It was kind of a weak feeling like my muscles are about to fail. I notice that feeling is going away.I am more alert. I don’t feel like a vampire when I go out into the sunlight.
I’m not ready to change the world yet. I am 130lbs overweight and really deconditioned. I need to get some strength back. Maybe for now I can just do my own laundry and clean this place up. That alone would make me so happy. I’m sure Tom will appreciate it too. God bless him. He never ever complains. He takes his vows seriously.
So the moral of this story is, if you feel like crap, fall down or hurt yourself a lot, go ask your doctor for a sleep study. I wouldn’t have guessed this was the answer to a painful, somewhat useless existence, but it seems to be working.